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6 weeks – 18 months

We provide an individualised routine for each infant in our childcare. Our babies enjoy taking part in sensory–rich play experiences and investigating the world around them.

At Insight Early Learning, the learning continues during transitions to meal time, play time, sleep time and nappy change with singing, rhyming, storytelling, and poetry. Our babies love to explore the great outdoors!


15 months – 3 years

At Insight Early Learning, toddlers develop their language, social and problem-solving skills through navigating our architecturally designed indoor and outdoor learning environments.

They participate in social experiences and strengthen their fine and gross motor control and hand-eye coordination through meaningful play opportunities. Our nature play programs at our WA childcare centres provide an excellent avenue for children to extend early linguistic, mathematical and scientific concepts.

Pre Schoolers

3-5 years

Our Pre-schoolers are provided with state-of-the-art learning environments that are prepared with rich learning centres and open-ended play resources. Our educators inspire children to wonder, inquire, and take ownership of their own learning. At Freo kids Early Learning, children take part in an exciting process of inquiry, investigation and discovery. Freo kids are proud and active environmental custodians.

“Like soothing touch, a soothing facial expression or a kind word communicated in an attuned emotional state has a positive effect on our internal biochemistry. (Cozolino, 2013).