About / Port Coogee Beach Kinder Program

Little Beach Conservationists

Walks to the Port Coogee Marina to learn about beach conservation is a highlight of the week for many of our kindy children.

Learning Opportunities at the Marina

Children take off their shoes to feel the texture of the sand between their toes. Teachers help children at the water’s edge collect seawater for building sandcastles and moats. The children develop teamwork and problem solving skills when their sandcastle doesn’t stand.

Climbing rocks and walking on uneven sand helps children develop spatial awareness and locomotive balance, helping with connections in their brain.

Many children take delight in collecting seaweed, rocks and shells to take back to the centre. They use the little treasures in loose parts play throughout the week in unique and creative ways.

Visits to the beach are an excellent opportunity for language development. The teachers identify and name the coral and small fish native to the marina. Children hear and learn new words, improving their vocabulary. 

Mental and Physical Benefits

We designed the Beach Kinder Program to develop the children’s neuroplasticity (the muscle building part of the brain). For 2-3 hours of play in the natural environment, the children are focused, asking questions, answering their own questions and learning to take considered risk. With uneven ground and obstacles to negotiate, they improve their balance and gross motor skills.


The Centre cares for a coastal site which the children visit to clean up litter and care for the local environment. Children learn the importance of keeping our oceans free of litter to protect marine life.

Partnerships & Alliances with Local Groups

Freo Kids recognises the important role fathers play in the lives of their children so we joined The Fathering Project. The Kinder program provides fun activities for children to do with their dad and father-figures.

The Champion Centre, a local indigenous program in Armadale, provides our centre with valuable contacts and connections to artists, elders and local leaders.

We are working with Adopt-a-Spot Keep Australia Beautiful to care for a special area on the Port Coogee coast.

If you would like to know more about how your 3-5 year old child can be involved in the Beach Kinder Program, call the Port Coogee centre on 6370 4107.