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Public Artwork Selected

We are thrilled to announce that artist Sioux Tempestt has been selected to deliver the public artwork project which will be on display outside our Port Coogee service. Sioux describes her beautiful abstract artwork below….

“The design uses a graphic element which is recurring in my artworks.  It signifies many things, among them vibrancy and energy of life. The shape is organic and ties in well with the surrounding natural coastal environment. The painted geometric design is based upon the sciences and provides an interesting contrast, also connecting the artwork with the built form.

It is intended that the artwork promote community building, connectivity and encourage interaction between attendees of the facility. Also to stimulate imagination and the act of storytelling to encourage memories and provoke ideas while creating a sense of place​.

I believe the abstract concept adds an element of engagement to stimulate curiosity, provoke thought, challenge, connect, inspire, intrigue, fascinate and delight.

(Sioux Tempestt, 2019)